What Tools Does a Plumber Need During Water Cylinder Replacement?

A homeowner might have to replace their hot water cylinder if they detect cracks in the inner water tank. However, this action requires specialized expertise and know-how. Therefore, homeowners should contact a certified plumber to help with water cylinder replacement.

4 Basic Tools a Plumbing Technician Needs for Water Cylinder Replacement

Below are a few must-have plumbing tools to replace a faulty hot water system.

  • Tape measure

Plumbers must cut the copper pipes well during installation to avert plumbing issues in the future. Therefore, they rely on this tool to ensure the pipe length is reasonable and justifiable.

  • Spanners

A repairer also requires a shifting spanner to loosen and tighten the water systems’ bolts during cylinder removal and installation.

  • Copper cutter

All water heating systems feature multiple copper wires as this material is highly rust-resistant. Therefore, a certified plumber will need this cutter to replace the cylinder.

  • Pipe wrench

This tool is essential during water system replacement as it features several metallic pipes. Therefore, the plumber will need this plumbing tool to tighten all the joints accordingly.

water cylinder replacement

Sure-fires Signs that One Needs to Seek Water Cylinder Replacement Services

The following are some signs that it’s time to hire hot water cylinder replacement services.

  • Stinky water

One might have to replace the hot water cylinder if they notice the water is discolored or has a foul smell. Issues such as rust accumulation and bacteria within the system might trigger this problem.

The system features an anode rod that helps to get rid of any microorganisms like bacteria. Therefore, smelly water proves the water system’s anode rode is broken.

  • Rumbling in the hot water cylinder

A fully functional hot water heating system shouldn’t produce any unnecessary noise. Burnt substances within the tank can trigger bizarre noises if an inner item is worn-out.

  • Lukewarm temperature

The default temperature setting of a new hot water system is usually over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the water in the system can only range this temperature range.

  • Relatively low water pressure

The water pressure of an old water heating system might gradually reduce. However, in some cases, underlying problems might worsen the flow rate.

Last View

Manufacturers advise property owners to seek hot water cylinder replacement at least once after every 8 to 10 years. However, other signs might compel one to hire these services sooner. Kindly take note of these signs to contact an emergency technician for replacement services before it gets late.

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