4 Common Misconceptions About Stone Repairs in Melbourne

There are a number of misconceptions that individuals have about stone repairs in Melbourne, and indeed elsewhere. Part of this might have to do with people not needing these services if they have a durable stone installation.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that even the best stone installations can get damaged or need repairs over time. Plus, seeking repairs is something you need to be smart about, including being aware of what is and isn’t true.

4 Myths About Stone Repair and Restoration

“Replacement Is Your Best Option”

Repairing damaged or chipped stones can save you money if it’s an isolated issue Even major superficial damage is something you can fix with repairs. And you certainly don’t need to replace dull fixtures that are otherwise fine.

The first step in any repair job is to assess the damage, and that’s no different with stone repairs. It’s important to consider whether the damage is superficial or structural, as this will determine the best course of action.

“The Cost Of Stone Repairs Is A Major Stumbling Block”

Repairing marble or granite doesn’t have to end up breaking the bank. As we made clear, they’re certainly cheaper than replacement. If anything, ignoring chips or superficial deterioration can lead to more expensive problems, like water damage or massive, irreparable breakdowns.

Professional Stone Repair Is Not For Antiques”

stone repairs in Melbourne

Many people think that stone repair is only for newer buildings. This is a misconception, as stone can be repaired on any type of structure. Stone repair specialists can repair any home and make it look as good as new.

The same goes for antique natural stone tops and perfect flooring. The beauty of natural marble is that its looks are as timeless as its appeal. So, older pieces can still respond well to the same professional stone repairs as modern ones.

“It Takes A Long Time To Complete A Restoration Project”

The process for restoring stonework is actually very straightforward. The process can be broken down into three stages: cleaning, repair, and sealing. With a professional, it can be over quicker than the order for a new piece would arrive.

In Closing

Misperceptions about professional stone repairs in Melbourne are far from uncommon. But they still prove to be a hindrance when trying to bring an old building back to life. However, despite their prevalence, these misperceptions can clearly be debunked with little effort.

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