Why Ducted Heat Pumps in Auckland Are Extra Special

Ducted heat pumps in Auckland are fundamental systems that homeowners and commercial property owners should install on their premises. However, many past clients bitterly complain that the heat pumps they ordered were substandard.

Given this, this credible write-up will persuade potential clients to buy these systems from dealers in Auckland.

Remarkable Reasons to Purchase Ducted Heat Pumps in Auckland in 2023

The following are captivating reasons to consider Auckland heat pump dealers over the rest.

  • To get a legitimate ducted heat pump

All ducted heat pumps Auckland dealers usually stock genuine systems from renowned manufacturers like Trane, Goodman, and Daikin. Therefore, customers can relax knowing that they will not purchase a knock-off.

  • Budget-friendly prices

Unlike others, these dealers propose a reasonable ducted heat pump cost for this heating equipment. For example, a customer can order this pumping system for as low as USD 3,500.

  • Good cooling capacity

The beauty of these heat pumps is that they have a mind-blowing cooling capacity of over 10,000 BTU. Additionally, the heat pumps do not consume too much energy, seeing to it that the homeowner’s electricity bill remains manageable.

Ducted heat pumps in Auckland

  • Less noise pollution

Interestingly, these dealers sell good-quality heat pumps that produce noise of strictly 27 decibels. Therefore, all customers, including families, can have it in their houses without affecting the baby’s sleeping pattern.

  • To get energy-efficient heat pumps

Many homeowners dream of ordering a good heat pump that won’t inflate their power bill. Fortunately, an Auckland dealer can get you a ducted heat pump with a power capacity of 115 volts.

  • To get a long-lasting heating equipment

The dealers get these heat pumps from credible manufacturers that design them from high-quality raw materials like ABS. Therefore, one can rest easy as their heat pump will serve them for 10 to 15 years.

3 Features of all Genuine Ducted Heat Pumps in Auckland

  • Floor space

Ordinarily, a ducted heat pump takes up an approximated floor area of 475 square feet (sq.).

  • Wattage

A buyer should check the heat pump to confirm its total wattage is between 900 and 920.

  • Energy consumption rate

Power experts recommend heat pumps to air conditioners as they do not consume ridiculous power daily. For this reason, one should consider a ducted heat pump with a yearly consumption rate of 655 KW.


All genuine ducted heat pumps in Auckland bear a certification mark that shows they’ve met the approved standards. Moreover, they feature new internal components, like a compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

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